Get started

Follow those simple steps to start scripting with spinjitzuu.

Once you finish the setup guide you will never need to setup it again unless you delete spinjitzuu from your PC.


How to get spinjitzuu?

  1. Get a key from here. After successful payment, your key will be delivered to email you provided.

  2. Join our spinjitzuu discord here to verify yourself as a subscriber. Simply create a ticket on this channel and follow the instructions.

  3. Right after getting a role you will be able to download a loader.

Installation and creating an account

  1. Make sure you have installed all required software mentioned above.

  2. After downloading loader, extract it to new folder, open it and let it delete itself and rename it.

  3. Right after the script gets renamed to random letters, open the renamed file and follow instructions.

  4. Create account by choosing "[2] Register" option simply by pressing "2" on keyboard and confirm it by pressing "Enter".

  5. Type your desired Login -> Password -> License key (the one you got on your email) -> your discord tag(name#0000).

  6. Once you successfully create your account, the script is ready to use!

  7. To automate the login process, open the "credientals.txt" file and replace "Login" to your login and "Password" with your password. For example if your login is user1 and password is user2 your file should look like that: user1 user2 Then save the file and you will be logged in automatically.

League settings

  1. Set LoL langauge to "English".

  2. Set the game to Borderless or Windowed

  3. To activate in-game menu simply press Shift on your keyboard.

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