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Menu Guide

Simple explanation of all spinjitzuu's features


  • Enabled - enables/disables orbwalk
  • Keybinds - Button that will activate mentioned functions
  • Mode - Changes how orbwalker targets enemies Closest - Attacks closest enemy Lowest - Attacks lowest HP enemy MaxDPS - Automatically chooses best enemy (experimental) Ordered - Chooses enemy depending by your chosen order
  • Kite Speed - You can slow down or speed up the kiting according to your preferences
  • Attack Speed Modifier - Experimental feature if your attacks are being cancelled
  • Average Ping - Just set there your average ping
  • Clicks per second - Sets how fast script clicks your mouse. Doesn't work if humanizer is enabled (recommended)
  • Humanizer - Randomizes mouse clicks. Enable it if your game is keep getting disconnected.
  • Champion list - Champions will be targeted by order if your Orbwalker mode is set to "Ordered"


  • Spells - Shows enemies' abilities and spells cooldowns
  • Minion Helper - Shows little circle around minions you can lasthit. It's also needed to make Last-hit work
  • Trackers - Shows line with distance from your champion to enemies
  • Team Range - Shows your team's attackranges
  • Enemy Range - Shows your enemies' attackranges
  • Distance - It's how far from your champion trackers will be drawn
  • Tracker thickness - Thickness of trackers
  • Range thickness - Thickness of attackrange drawings
  • Colors - Just set your desired colors


  • Mouse snap - It's how fast mouse snaps from enemy to your position in miliseconds
  • Debug mode - Option that helps me find out your bugs and problems
  • Save Config - Saves your settings to config.txt file
  • Load Config - Loads settings from "config.txt" file located in your spinjitzuu folder
  • Auto-Cast - Auto heal/barrier
  • Zoomhack - Zoom out your camera
  • Spell Drawings - Draws some of the spells (experimental)

How to load config?

  1. 1.
    Download or get some "config.txt" file.
  2. 2.
    Put this file into your spinjitzuu folder where you have the loader.
  3. 3.
    In menu click Utils -> Load Config.
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